Monday, June 25, 2007

Blacksite News

Things are moving along pretty well on Area 51-Blacksite. We are in our final stretch before the game ships. That being the case, Midway is trying to get awareness for the game to peak. They did a press tour in the US and in the UK. The game was received very well at every venue.

I personally worked on a helicopter railshooter section that seems to be getting the most positive reviews of what has been seen so far. The entire railshooter is fun, but I specifically worked on the last part of it where you meet up with the boss creature. The animation was split among 4 animators. I animated a section and directed the rest. It took a great many talented artists to make this railshooter as cool as it is, and I am glad I played a small part.

Here are some of the comments we received and the link to the respective article.

“The octopus-like creature was a sight to behold and ranks as one of the most impressive moments I've seen in video games to date.”

”This scene is easily the coolest that we saw today, capped off by the creature's death. As it breaths its last breath, or whatever it does to survive, it slowly slinks off one side of the bridge as it grabs a hold of the road. As it eventually falls, it rips the bridge apart and carries tons of concrete down with it. It's one of the coolest deaths we've seen in a long time.”