Thursday, March 27, 2008

Moving Right Along Pt 2

It was a fun year in Austin. I started with Midway last March and in April I will be moving back up to Dallas to join some old friends at Reel FX Studios. Leaving Midway and Austin will not be easy. I will miss the people at the studio, and the house we have been renting. I will also miss being able to avoid highway driving on my daily commute. However, it appears a new chapter is waiting to be written in the Tonymation family.

Mrs Tonymation is preggers right now, and we will be seeking out a new midwife in Dallas and saying goodbye to our current midwife. We are both sad about this, but life comes at you fast, and we are experienced adventurers ready to plunge ahead.

This move is a bitter sweet one.

We will be moving closer to family, which, in our case, is a good thing. But we will be leaving some good friends behind.

We will be closer to Mama's Pizza, which I am especially excited about, but we'll be leaving Double Dave's Pizza.

We will be leaving our comfy 4 bedroom rented-house, but we'll be searching the market to buy a new home.

We will be leaving a steady and stable job along with the benefits, that most find comforting , for a short contract job that will be full of adventure.

All in all it will be a swift and polar change for us. We feel the change will be a good one.