Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Top Ten Family Attractions of Walt Disney World


So I have listed my favorite and least favorite attractions at Walt Disney World. Now I point out what I think are the best attractions for families.

In this list, I am considering several factors:
- Height Requirements
- Ride Intensity or Scare Factor
- Wait Time vs Ride Time
- Comfort of Queue
- Appeal
- Tonymation Family Opinion

Tonymation's Top Ten Family Attractions of Walt Disney World

10. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros
I love the atmosphere inside the Mexico pavilion. Throw a boat ride into the mix with the Three Caballeros celebrating Mexican culture with vintage Disney style, and you have a great recipe for a fun family attraction. This is one of the few pavilions we make sure to visit every time we visit Epcot.

9. Mad Tea Party - Magic Kingdom
The entire area around tis attraction is shaded due to well-grown trees, and the attraction itself is covered, unlike the Disneyland counterpart. This is one of those classic attractions that is easy to get on rather quickly. It's also a plus that we can usually get some really cute pics of the kiddos on this ride.

8. It's A Small World - Magic Kingdom
This relaxing boat ride around the world will undoubtedly etch into your memory just how small the world is after all. The lines to this attraction are rarely long, and the ride is smooth and comfortable.

7. The Seas with Nemo and Friends - Epcot
This attraction has a really cool queue. Overall it is a really well done dark ride. Being a 3D animator I appreciate the animation they employ to enhance the experience on this attraction.

6. Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress - Magic Kingdom
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the air conditioning in this lazy attraction. This one holds a special place with me because it seemed to embody the idea of Disney World on my first trip. Plus, I was able to escape the summer heat for such a long time and actually re-energize myself. I can't count how many naps that catchy tune has lulled me into.

5. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover - Magic Kingdom
This is pretty much a walk on attraction at any given time of the year. I love how relaxing it is, and the view of the park. It's a good place to recharge your batteries and cuddle the little ones.

4. Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin - Magic Kingdom
This is a fun ride that is interactive, in that you get to shoot stuff. Any ride I get to shoot stuff is alright in my book. The Disneyland counterpart, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, is a far better attraction, because the guns are not mounted to the car, and you don't have to spin the car to face targets. Also there is an audio-animatronic Zurg that is sadly missing from the DisneyWorld version.

3 Jungle Cruise - Magic Kingdom
From the fake hippos to the corny jokes, this ride is good family fun. Where esle can you take a boat through the jungle and see a teenager weild a gun without being completely terrified.

2. Spaceship Earth - Epcot
The one attraction that still reminds me of the Epcot of old, is Spaceship Earth. Even after the update, this ride still pushes my nostalgia button. It was a trip to Walt Disney World that inspired me to actually pursue my dream of being an animator, and every time I ride Spaceship Earth I get a little hint of inspiration to form a brighter future for the Tonymation family. Go Epcot!

1 Monster's Inc Laugh Floor - Magic Kingdom
This is an interactive show located in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kindgom. It never fails to entertain the Tonymation family, and for that I applaud the only Disney attraction to have a touch of Tonymation magic.

Please be aware that this is not a complete list of all the attractions that are family friendly. I actually plan to address why certain family friendly attractions did not make my list on my next post.

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