Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One Thing Every Day

Last year around September I decided that I wanted to at least one thing every day that will improve me as an animator, performer, and storyteller. I feel like these all work well together, and I enjoy all three of them very much.

I'm going to start holding myself accountable by posting what I have done each week on my blog. Hopefully, it won't get stale and boring. Either way the goal isn't to write compelling posts to entice a readership, but to keep myself focused, and working on my personal goals.

The cool thing is that, by being an animator, and animation instructor, I actually get paid to improve in these areas. Since I don't currently work at a studio, I am not animating nearly as much as my peers, so I do need to stay in practice, and keep improving in all of these areas to become a more well-rounded animator.

My first update will be this Friday.