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Missing Family Attractions - Magic Kingdom

So I left some really good, and also some really popular "family friendly" attractions off of my Top Ten list in my last post. I wanted to do a breakdown as to why certain attractions were omitted. Keep in mind I really enjoy most, if not all, of these attractions, but I am offering critique from the perspective of a parent of 3 little ones. With that in mind I have to consider comfort and convenience with every hour we spend in the parks. So, by alphabetical order I'll address that here.

If you feel the need to see the ages of our children for reference, scan down to the bottom of the post. 


Astro Orbiter
The line for this attraction is usually longer than I'm willing to wait, and the ride is too short. If you have any kids that are afraid of heights it may be a little too stressful for them. This ride has a pretty amazing view, unfortunately that view is constantly changing, which is why I'd rather ride the TTA.

Country Bear Jamboree
This is definitely a fan favorite, but I can only bear (pun intended) this show once every few years. The  length of the show puts strains on the attention span of my little girls, and the giant bears aren't all that inviting to our 2 year-old.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant
The line is too long, the ride is too short, and there's very little shade to shelter the kiddos from the scorching Florida sun. I am looking forward to the new iteration of this attraction coming with the Fantasyland update.

The Enchanted Tiki Room
At the time of this writing the "Under New Management" is being removed and the attraction is being restored to its former glory. I personally enjoy both shows, but the original holds more sentimental value for me, being a fan of Walt Disney the man. With that said, there isn't any real reason why this can't be on my Top Ten Family attractions other than I ran out of room.

The Hall of Presidents
I love my country as much as the next person, but I just can't get behind anything political in DisneyWorld. I have experienced this attraction once in my many visits to the park, and have no desire to revisit it again.

The Haunted Mansion
I really don't think an explanation is necessary but, just to be safe... This ride is just too intense and scary for children. My 9 year-old son still avoids riding this attraction.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin
 The line for this attraction is not usually as bad as Dumbo or Astro Orbiter, but the ride is just as short, and again there isn't much shade to be found in the queue.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
This is a fun attraction and even though I am sad to see Mr Toad be replaced, this attraction is better suited for children. However, the line is usually quite long, and I can't justify using a Fastpass on a Fantasyland ride other than Peter Pan's Flight.

Mickey's Philharmagic
This is a fun show, and I enjoy waiting in the fully air-conditioned queue. The big drawback for me is the fact that it's a 3D show and I have two little girls that refuse to wear the ridiculous 3D glasses, so the experience for them is a blurry movie. Anthony and Kyra both hold their ears while watching, which prompts me to hold Kaylie's ears for her since she is too young to do so. Not the most exciting experience for the whole family.

Peter Pan's Flight
This is the only Fantasyland attraction I will get a Fastpass for, but only if there are still some available by the time we make our way to Fantasyland. I won't wait over 25 minutes in a line, so if the Fastpasses are all gone, then we don't ride this attraction. Therefore we rarely ride Peter Pan's Flight.

Pirates of the Caribbean
I don't really consider this a family attraction based on the simple scare factor involved. However, we do take the kids with us. With my 3 kids, there seems to be a range from about 2 to 4 years-old, where the children are spooked by the combination of the dark, immersive environment and creepy music. We only have one in that range right now and she buries her head in daddy's chest most of the ride.

Snow White's Scary Adventure
This Fantasyland attraction is pretty intense for the little ones. The dark environment and the cackling, crazy-eyed witch combine for an all too real and frightening experience for my kids. We all rode it on our last visit to the Magic Kingdom just because we know it's on its way out of the park. Now, many years from now when this ride is but a distant memory, my kids can boast they have ridden it.

That about wraps up the Magic Kingdom. Next post will include Epcot attractions that didn't make the list.

Tonymation Family Age Reference:
Anthony: 9 years-old
Kyra: 2 years-old
Kaylie: 1 year-old

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