Friday, January 13, 2012

Juice Fast Over!

Wow... I got so wrapped up in life that I forgot to finish my juice fast journal.

Basically I ended my juice fast a day early. I went a couple more days that I did not record here. Basically I ran a couple miles and had very similar juices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In all I lost just over 9 pounds.

I decided to end my fast slightly sooner because I could sense my body craving food again. This is something I expected when I started, but eventually I broke through that wall. Then when I started craving food again, I took that as a sign that my body might begin to cannibalize itself. I love to eat meat, and the only meat available to my body was my own muscles.

Now I know what you're thinking... how much muscle mass can a scrawny animator have to offer? Well that's exactly why I scrambled to protect the little I have! I need enough strength to type and move a mouse, and if that goes away, I can't earn a paycheck!

You really have to ease into eating food again, so I started out eating some fruit, crackers, wheat chips, and other snack type foods. Eventually I got back to my normal eating routine in about 3 days.

I feel great and think the juice fast got me some nutrients I was lacking in my diet. I bought a super expensive juicer for my wife and I, so we plan to continue to juice as a supplement.

I am a healthy person, so I didn't expect to lose tons of weight, or to purge lots of junk out of my system. But I do believe I got a good toxin flush during the fast.

Long live real food!

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