Friday, May 17, 2013

One Thing Every Day - Week 6

Monday April 29th
I did some drawing exercises. I really struggle with fluid line work, so I focused on trying to do stronger lines. I tend to scratch all over the page until I find the "line" I want. Then I go back over my sketch with a darker pencil.

Tuesday April 30th
Tuesdays are super long work days for me, so I ended up shooting reference in the living room after everyone went to sleep.

I am not a dancer, so it took lots of takes of me trying things out that looked fun, goofy, and a little over the top to fit the "Carlton Banks" character I was going for.

Wednesday May 1st
I taught class which is always a learning experience, but it doesn't count, so today I have nothing to share.

Thursday May 2nd
Another late night reference recording session. My poor wife has to see every version the next day and tell me which one she likes best. What a trooper.

Imagine being exposed to 14 different versions of this!

Friday May 3rd

Put together an edit of my reference from the last several days. I included it in an earlier post, but I'll drop it in here so you don't have to go find it. I actually have ideas that will change the start of the shot. I'll post that update soon.

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We held our second production meeting for the secret family project. The girls were successful in being as loud as possible and ended the meeting prematurely, so not much was accomplished, but it was good to get a few things discussed.

Saturday May 4th
Created some storyboards for my shot, and posted a lovely little blog about the initial steps in creating the shot. (click here to read the prior post)

Sunday May 5th
Began Redesigning my website and logo.

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