Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dead Men Trick Or Treat Pt 2

Not everything I ordered arrived in time to start Halloween on the right foot. I was missing my baldric sword holder, my belts, my gun, my button ring, and dragon ring. This is me pretending I'm happy being half Jack Sparrow.

At around 11:30 am, Midway (where I work) conducted their costume contest. This is when my gun, belts, and rings arrived at my door. My wife signed for them knowing I was sadly displaying my incomplete costume for the contest. Unfortunatley, my baldric has yet to arrive, which forced me to wear my belts un-Jack Sparrow-like, outside my jacket, to hold my sword. After the contest, I went home and gathered the rest of my goods.

I was very pleased with my new flintock replica gun.

I applied a fake Jack Sparrow tattoo on my arm, and branded a "P" under it, as revealed by Captain Norrington in The Curse of the Black Pearl.

My sword was a big hit at work.

I did the eyeliner myself, and the most of the facial hair is mine. I glued the braided beard section on the bottom of my chin behind my own chin hairs to have it all blend together.

What was the outcome of the costume contest you ask?

I won Best Looking Costume.


RayChase said... rum? why is there no rum?

Alex Fleisig said...

that's great tony... it far surpasses the jack sparrow we had at PDI... personally I'm more of a ninja fan though

tonymation said...

Yes, but can Ninja's grow cool facial hair...