Friday, November 02, 2007

Dead Men Trick Or Treat Pt 3

Halloween has come and gone. I posted pics of my Jack Sparrow costume, but now I thought I would post all of the peices that made it come together.

To start the costume off on the right foot, I got all of the Jack Sparrow Master Replica rings.

Here is Jack Sparrow's ring

Jack's Button Ring

Jack's Dragon Ring

and Jack's Stolen Ring

Here is a pic I took of them together.

I bought the glove, compass, and tattoo in a cheap set, but they worked out well, in my opinion. You can see I wore Jack's ring on my ring finger rather than my index. It was just too small to wear it on the correct finger.

The plastic compass looks much better when just hanging on my belt, but it was definitely priced better than the Master Replica compass at $200.

I purchased a Flintock Pistol reproduction. It isn't an official Jack Sparrow Replica, but it is a very nice gun that fits the time period. Besides, the Master Replica pistol is mounted and was out of my price range at $250. I spent about $45 for this one.

I scoured eBay for other Jack Sparrow imitation peices. That's where I found these belts.

Here you can see the gun, belts, compass and sword as a whole. I posted individual pics of the sword here.

I still await the arrival of my Jack Sparrow Baldric, also bought on eBay. It will be a nice addition for next year.

I have lots of additions I plan to purchase for next Halloween. Check back for a sneak peek at the Jack Sparrow items that will make my costume better, and my bank account smaller.

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