Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Blue Skies Ahead

Today I accepted an contract animation position over at Blue Sky Studios. I will be working on their up coming film, Ice Age 3. This is a very exciting change for the Tonymation family. In fact, princess Tonymation has yet to be born, but she is kicking with anticipation. When asked what she thought about the opportunity for her dad to work on such a fun project she said, "thump, thump... hiccup." That says it all.

Princess Tonymation will be born any day now, I will finish up my work for Reel FX on the Madagascar 2 promos, and then pack up and head North.

Life is fast and furious for the Tonymation family, but we're enjoying the ride.


Amila said...

woo hoo!! I'm excited to work with you again.

tonymation said...


Randy said...

Good luck, Tonymation! Hope you'll end up back with us at RFX after your time in northern exile. :)

Keep us posted on Princess' arrival!


Chad said...

Yeah man! Great for you, although I will miss our ping pong adventures.

TheEdge said...

How's the new gig going? How's New York? Give us an update!