Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Great Brian Henson Caper

Brian Henson, son of Jim Henson, and Co-CEO of the Jim Henson Company paid a visit to Blue Sky today. Brian gave a presentation on the history of the company as well as the Jim Henson style of puppeteering.

Brian showed up in disguise (image above) which confused me at first. Eventually, when he felt it was safe to do so, he removed his disguise. Immediately after the presentation, Pete Paquette (an animator at Blue Sky) pulled an imaginary finger gun on him. The crowd thought Pete was trying to mug the unsuspecting Brian, but after Pete was maulled, and cuffed by the muppet police, he explained he was merely trying to shoot the guy behind Brian, who was obviously planning to choke him with an extension chord. Pete's sharp eyes and quick thinking almost saved Brian from a most unfavorable situation. Unfortunately, Pete couldn't finish his heroics, being at the bottom of a five foot pile of muppets.

Not all was lost... I acrobatically and gracefully disarmed the would be villain. Afterwards, I was awarded the muppet medal of honor. Of course Brian was very pleased with me, and offered to give me a job as his personal body guard. I, being recently unemployed by my very own muppet creation, jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately, somebody from Blue Sky's HR department realized I no longer worked there, and had me whisked off the premises before I could accept Brian's generous offer.

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