Thursday, December 04, 2008

Blue Sky, Robot Chicken, and Heroes...

Seth Green and Matt Senreich, the creators of Robot Chicken, visited Blue Sky not too long ago. It was a treat to hear their story and how they achieved every guys dream of getting paid to play with action figures. They brought along with them the soon to air, second Robot Chicken-Star Wars episode. They must have read my mind, because there are more crazy good Boba Fett sequences.

After their presentation they toured the studio for a bit. Unfortunately, I was unable to snag a pic with them. I was really bummed about it, but they did walk right by me, and I was like, "Hey there's Seth and Matt! You guys make me laugh... a lot! Can we be friends?" That was all in my head, but had I said it out loud I bet they both would have been like, "Heck yes man! That's really why we came to Blue Sky anyway!" Yea... I felt a connection with them in that brief 2 seconds when they passed by.

Not a week goes by when I see Seth and Breckin Meyer (Actor, and writer for Robot Chicken) on one of my favorite television shows, Heroes. Seth and Breckin were working in a comic book shop. I know this all can't be some simple coincidence. I think Seth is sending me some kind of coded message...

Stay tuned... I'll post an update when my decoder ring arrives in the mail and I figure out what Seth is trying to say to me.

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