Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10 Day Juice Fast - Day 1

Monday I embarked on a 10 day juice fast. This basically means I eat nothing solid, and replace my meals with freshly juiced fruits and vegetables. I want to chronicle the whole crazy mess here.


Fruit Drink - Strawberries, Grapefruit, Red Apples

I don't usually eat breakfast, so the freshly juiced fruit drink, lovingly prepared for me by my wonderful wife, was a welcome break from the norm.

I walked out of the house thinking the juicing thing was gonna be a nice change of pace.


Veggie Drink - Celery, Tomato, Spinach, Carrots, Ginger, Red Apples

I was super hungry when lunch rolled around. So I pulled my veggie drink out of the office fridge and slammed down what I can safely say was the second worst drink I've ever had. The worst was a concoction my wife got that was designed to help the body fight the flu.

Around 2pm my stomach began growling again, and I was feeling the hunger pangs. I drank plenty of water to help me through the torture, but it wasn't easy getting through the rest of the work day.


Veggie Drink - Celery, Tomato, Spinach, Carrots, Cucumber, Collard Greens, Green Apples, Lemon

I was really craving food by dinner time. My stomach hadn't stopped begging for a good burger since lunch time. I felt fine, but my stomach was in utter disagreement with the rest of my body. Knowing I wouldn't be eating dinner, but drinking it rather, wasn't much of a consolation driving home.

After dinner I played with the kids and headed to bed early. I am a late night person, but I wanted to get to sleep as fast as possible so I didn't have to deal with my griping stomach. It was a tough first day.

Weight: 179.4 pounds

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